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Welcome to Mathern Community Council

Mathern Community  Council is the grass roots voice of local government for Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric and comprises nine local Councillors. Meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month in the small meeting room at Mathern Village Hall.

Message from the Chairman March 2020 – COVID-19

Dear residents

We clearly are in some very challenging times, experiencing restrictions on our lives that many of us have never seen or would have imagined.

It is at times like this that individuals and the community’s true values and spirit come to the fore.

I must thank all those individuals who have selflessly and automatically jumped to the support of those less able or compromised by isolation. There have been many phone calls, leaflets posted through doors and notices on Facebook etc. offering support from shopping to collecting prescriptions, dog walking etc. This is a huge help and provides tremendous piece of mind to those in need.

I do not for one minute underestimate the time that individuals are committing, volunteering for these tasks, queuing for hours at shops and pharmacies and having to make repeat visits to obtain any volume of goods for multiple households, and indeed putting themselves at risk.

Thank you is an inadequate word but come the end of this situation, we should come together to thank those individuals going above and beyond. We should celebrate our special, collective and caring community.

As a Community Council we are somewhat compromised as due to our demographic and health issues, a significant number of your Councillors are in isolation. That does not mean however that we cannot support from a distance or help to signpost anyone in difficulty to those who may be able to help.

If you do need to get in touch, contact details for Councillors are noted on this web site so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please follow the Government guidance, stay safe and lets all look forward to a time when we look back at this episode and realise how strong a community we are. I also hope that as a result of what we have gone through we emerge as a respectful society that values the input and contribution of all those round us becoming even more considerate and inclusive, working in support of each other.

Councillor David Merrett –
Councillor Carolyn Ovenden – Vice Chairman
Councillor David Harris – Chairman
Councillor Christine Morton
Councillor Gareth Page

Councillor James Anderson
Councillor – Matt Sidwell
Councillor Jayne Harris
Councillor Sylvia Stevens

The Clerk to the Council is Mrs Jane Kelley.

The Community is represented on Monmouthshire County Council by County Councillor Louise Brown.

Each year the Council sets a “precept” on the Council Tax as a means of raising funds from the community for reinvestment in the community for communal benefit.

The next Community Council election will be held in 2022. If a vacancy arises during the four year term the Council will advertise the vacancy and invite members of the community to apply to be co-opted to the Community Council Committee.

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