February Minutes 2021

Minutes of the Council virtual meeting held on Monday 8th February 2021 via Zoom.

Present: Cllrs David Harris, (Chairman) Carolyn Ovenden (Vice Chairman), David Merrett, Christine Morton, Sylvia Stevens, James Anderson, Matt Sidwell, Gareth Page. County Councillor Louise Brown
Also in attendance:
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
Members of the public–None
Police representatives – None

There was an issue with Zoom and sign in for Cllrs. Meeting started 15 minutes late.

(i) Public Comment

Clerk had received correspondence asking if the council was in direct contact with the present land owner of the land behind Cherry Trees, Mathern and if they were aware of the state of the land and the flooding in December.
The writer requested that he was kept updated on the current enforcement action. He stated that he was very surprised that MCC did not consider the ground was overgrown enough to threaten an adjacent residence and to inhibit proper drainage into the stream/drain culvert under the road.
Clerk to liaise with Chairman to issue a response advising that this is a private matter and that Community Council (CC) has limited authority in cases such as this. However it is chasing details of both the ownership of the culverts and who is responsible for their maintenance.
County Cllr Brown also confirmed that she had chased Enforcements and received no reply.
ii) Report from Community Police.
Here is the report for the Mathern area between the above dates :

19/1/2021 – Report of a 1 vehicle RTC near Parkwall A48. The vehicle had left the road, hitting a lamp-post before ending up in the field. Driver was checked out by ambulance and the road was closed whilst officers dealt with the incident and recovery of vehicle.

24/1/2021 – Report of a vehicle stopped by officers on Pwllmeyric Hill. The driver was dealt with for no insurance offences.

31/1/2021 – Report of a drive-off without paying for fuel from Pwllmeyric petrol station.

31/1/2021 – 3 separate reports in the same small area of attempted breaks into outbuildings at properties on Hayesgate Lane. Locks were cut off but thankfully no entry gained or anything known taken at this time. 2 men were seen by one resident running down the road towards the A48 after the resident heard a noise

We have also recently had rural breaks to sheds /outbuildings in the Crick area and the Tintern area where many items were taken ,including tools , mountain bikes , outboard motor , a scrambler Honda motorcycle and garden tools to name a few .

Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity/crime at the time via either 101 or 999 if you deem it an emergency. If it is low level you can also report via email on contact@gwent.pnn.police.uk
Clerk to advise police of new email addresses. Seek clarification on parking within traffic calming.
iii) Apologies
Cllr Jayne Harris (Zoom connection issues)
(v) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary interest: none.

vi) Minutes of the previous meeting

Councillors RESOLVED to approve the minutes of the Mathern Community Council meeting held on Monday 8th January as a true and accurate record. The Chairman signed the minutes. The signed document will be collected by the Clerk within 7 days.

52/2020 Finance – January/February

BACS payments due to Covid

D D Pension for January £91.67 Employee £50.93 Employer
Online Payment Salary for January
PAYE January £212.39
Salary including back pay £714.52
Shirenewton CC – half training cost for Planning Aid Wales £75.00

Flowers Cllr D Harris £ 30.00
Viking Stationery £49.80
Viking Stationery £116.92
Storage Boxes £18.75
Telephone/internet £ 53.99

Internet Payment £56.40 Stock It Ltd. License and emails
Merlin Waste £42.50

Monthly Bank Reconciliation authorisation by Cllr J Harris – Clerk delivered this to home address.

The Clerk confirmed that Precept request had been submitted and received by MCC (Monmouthshire County Council).


Responses to queries raised at previous meetings

a) Response re. signage Wales in Bloom signage for Mounton

Awaiting the size of the new flower boxes. Once received, Cllrs Ovenden and Merrett to liaise with suitable manufacturers

b) Update – progress on personal Council email addresses.

These are now all up and running Councillors need to log into Office.com and sign in with their passwords.
Action: Cllr M Sidwell to liaise with the Clerk to make a standard signature for all Cllrs to use.
Cllrs to contact Clerk should they have a problem with this.

c) Response from MCC re. drainage and ownership of drains – Quote attached (private Company).
Awaiting these details from MCC –
Action: Chairman to chase and copy in County Cllr Brown who will also chase.
Quotes received with daily rates for drainage work. Matter to be discussed once reply received from MCC.
d) Response – MCC, re. waste bins collection.
No response from MCC. However Cllrs have noted MCC staff seem to be treating the bins with more care.
e) Update – speed tapes through village
Advised that these will not be fitted during a level 4 lockdown as a full true reading would not be given.
Tapes to be fitted once out of lockdown.

54/20 Highways/Footpaths
Footpath problems reported following resident’s email:
Coastal Path – Mathern Mill

Baileys Hay to A48 Buftons – large pot holes
Litter pick needed – St Pierre to Park Wall
Traffic parking in traffic calming area. Can MCC Highways give any advice on the poor visibility this causes? Also lack of a pull in space.


a) One Voice Wales (OVW). – Meeting 21 01 2021 Virtual meeting –
Cllr Harris attended the meeting. The main topic involved working in conjunction with Welsh (and central) Government and HM Land Registry. The latter has been tasked with registering all public sector body land by 2025, and then all privately held land by 2030.
Whilst the 2025 deadline might seem a long way away, in reality it isn’t and the size of the task is large, but not unachievable providing everyone contributes to the programme.
Councillors discussed this and identified local land to be considered as Mathern Village Green (by St. Tewdric’s Church), St Tewdric’s Well, and the War Memorial, Mathern.
Action – Item to be agenda-ed for next meeting.
Next OVW meeting is Thursday 15th April 2021 – 7pm via Zoom

b) Defibrillator monthly checking
Completed. All working correctly.

c) County Councillor’s Report Feb. 2021
County Councillor Brown advised:
As an update, short report:
Monmouthshire County Council Budget Proposals Consultation
Details of the MCC budget proposals can be found at the following link:
As part of the consultation process, which is open until 17th February 2021, residents are also being asked to share their thoughts a feedback survey on the budget proposals, which can be found alongside all the proposals at monmouthshire.gov.uk/budget-2021-2022.
The Health Board has a public consultation closing on the 21st of February 2021 on the above topic with public virtual meeting dates, which can be found at the following link:

f) Virtual Code of Conduct training took place with councillors from Shirenewtoon CC on Monday 25th January at 7 pm.
Those from Mathern CC attending: Clerk, Cllrs. Anderson, Page, Sidwell and Stevens who found the training informative and enjoyable.

56/20 PLANNING MATTERS – To include any received after Agenda is circulated
a) New applications

DM/2020/01830 – Lindy Barn – Planning Permission for erection of extensions to improve living accommodation and the installation of solar panels – No Comments
DM/2020/00190 – Wyelands House – refurbishment of existing machine store to create timber clad weather tight structure – No Comments
b) Decisions and appeals – None

c) Enforcement- See 57/20 (Correspondence) below.

• Request for Grant from Welsh Air Ambulance

         A grant of £100.00 was agreed for this.

• Information received from MCC concerning possible grants available from War Memorials Trust for war memorial restoration.

       This was noted for possible future work on the Mathern memorial.

• Confirmation SUD’s advised re DM/2020/01516

        Clerk to feed back that a gap had been made in the fence and water was    
         running off on to A48                                

• Confirmation that Wye Valley Archery query being followed up by MCC Enforcement

This was noted.


Trunk Sewer Pwllmeryic through fields to Mounton

County Cllr Brown is chasing. Cllrs were keen to have a meeting with Welsh Water regarding this. Cllr G Page volunteered to represent the Community Council at such a meeting.
He strongly feels that the pipe needs upgrading as it is a capacity issue.

Removal of felled trees near Mounton village – planned movement of these.

Clerk to write to Mounton House land owner requesting how and when the trees would be removed

Review – Model Financial Regulations

Cllr D Harris and Cllr C Ovenden to hold a Zoom meeting to complete the review of these. To bring to the next meeting for sign off.

Recycle-able cloth bags for plastic and paper waste are still on trial and no date to introduce them has yet been set.
Storage of articles re. Mathern School – no progress due to Covid restrictions

Staining of Benches re. Risk Assessments – awaiting lifting of Level 4 Covid restrictions

Accessibility Statement – See Minute 45/2020 e)

Next Meeting–Monday 8th March 2021 at 7 pm via Zoom.
There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.
Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date……………….

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