MATHERN COMMUNITY COUNCIL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
JANE KELLEY Clerk   6th January 2021 3 PARKLANDS MATHERN CHEPSTOW MONMOUTHSHIRE NP16 6JL Telephone  01291 621031 

I hereby give notice that the next meeting of the Community Council

will be held in Mathern Village Hall on Monday 11th January 2021 at 7 pm.

The business to be transacted is as set out in the agenda below.

Members of the public are invited to address the council between

7 pm and 7.15 pm.

            Mrs Jane Kelley

Clerk to the Council



                            AGENDA 11th January 2021

Welcome Councilor Gareth Page – Co option Pwllmeryric


  • Public Comment
    • To receive monthly police report

.                       (iii)       Apologies  

(v)        Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary interest

  • Minutes of previous meeting

 42/20  FINANCIAL MATTERS: Payments/Receipt for January      

Cheques Drawn

Payee                                                  Cheque Number                    Amount

Bacs Due to Covid

Wales Audit Office                              £230.25                                   18 12 2020

Rialtas (accounts package)                £206.40                                   11.01.2021

 Edie Paris Plaque                              £192.60                                   05.01.2020

D D  Pension for December                           £75.71 Employee £42.06 Employer                                                                         

Online Payment Salary for December           606.69    31.12.2020

HMRC                                                             158.92    31.12.2020

Postage                                                           19.84      15.12.2020                                                              

Internet Payment        £13.20 Stock it Ltd. License

Merlin Waste               £42.50

Monthly Bank Reconciliation authorisation

            Confirmation Precept Submitted  


            Responses to queries raised at previous meetings

  1. Response MCC re free transport to school.
  2. Response Re signage for Mounton re Wales in Bloom.
  3. Update progress personal Council email addresses.

              44/20 HIGHWAYS / FOOTPATH ISSUES

1. Mounton adjacent to the roundabout where the volume of water has removed stone walls after breaching the banks of the brook.

2. The drainage system from the entrance to the village hall through to Mathern Well. The whole of this system was compromised and failed. Houses would have been underwater if it was not for the input if the community to help divert water.

3. All roads and pavements through the villages need a road sweeper to clean them through to lift debris left from the floods. If this is not carried out ASAP the drains will be blocked again.

4. All gullies through the villages need sucking out/jetting out.

5. The drains/gullies on Bailey’s Hay are all blocked.

6.  All gullies drains through Mounton Village need clearing.

7.  Collapsed Fence Mounton Village (already notified and in hand) needs replacing.

8.  Potential flooding from Hill House, Pwllmeyric due to run off water from adjacent house construction.

9.  Overhanging trees and shrubs causing obstruction and danger to life on A48 footpath.

              45/20 COUNCILLORS’ REPORTS/CLERKS REPORT/County Councillors Report

   a.  O V W.  Meeting 21.01.2021 virtual meeting  

b.   Defibrillator – Monthly Checking –

c.  County Councillors Louise Brown Monthly report.

d.  Code of Conduct training with MCC.  Date to be confirmed.

              46/20   PLANNING APPLICATIONS –

  1. New applications

DM/2020/01724   Retrospective planning – Construct of a farm track improved access to

Mathern Palace Farm

.Decisions and Appeals

  • Enforcement        


Welsh Audit Commission new timetable of audit.

Welsh Audit arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales.

Request from Shirenewton C C to share training resource with Planning Aid.

Invoice Wales Audit Office – Paid 18 12 2020

Precept Claim form 2001/2022   21.12.2020 to be submitted by 22nd January 2021

Letter of concern Wye valley Archery (on Crick to Shirenewton Road)

Update on role our Covid vaccinations.

Letter 04.01.2020 – Land at rear of Cherry Tree Mathern

Letters Issued by Clerk to each Cllr re Cllr Allowance opt in or out.  

               48/20  OTHER MATTERS FOR DISCUSSION

            Planned maintenance for drainage system in all three villages.       

Waste collection drivers care for plastic bins (glass and food)

            Update on speed tapes through village.  Mathern volunteer speed watch group.


Storage articles Mathern School

Staining of Benches re Risk Assessments  

Accessibility Statement

                50/20 DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Next Meeting Monday 10th February 2020 7 pm via zoom

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